We are an education, employer and youth marketing business

We partner with educators and employers of all sizes to tackle their communication and branding challenges. Our experts find smart, simple and effective answers that help our clients connect more meaningfully with the people they have, and those that they want.

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Working with us

There are two ways we can work with you. In practice, we tend to do both at the same time. But, for the sake of explanation, we wanted to keep things simple.

We can deliver

If your aims are clear and you just need a safe pair of hands, we’re here. From planning and research through to making them happen and making sure they’re working, we can deliver campaigns and projects of all sizes.

We can advise

When your challenge requires additional high-level, strategic thinking, our brains are all yours. We can bring additional knowledge of your sector to the table, along with all kinds of research and insight.

Where we are

In terms of reach and our ability to deliver, you’ll find us all around the world. In terms of offices, you’ll find us in Manchester and London.

2 Express, 3 George Leigh St, Manchester M4 6BD

0161 200 1444

Let's talk

If you have something you need help with, or just have a question you want to ask, get in touch. We’ll make sure the right person gets right back to you.

where to find us


  • 2 Express
  • 3 george leigh street
  • manchester m4 6bd
  • 0161 200 1444


  • 5th Floor
  • 6 - 7 St Cross Street
  • London EC1N 8UA
  • 020 7421 3350

drop us a line

There's always something going on at SMRS worth hearing about. We'd love to keep you in the loop about things like our take on the latest developments in employer, education and youth marketing, our new products and services, and forthcoming masterclasses. You have our word that we'll take excellent care of your personal details, and certainly won't be selling them to other companies.

Just let us know if you're happy for us to email you, by picking one of these options.